Letter Sent to the Mayor and City Council . . . THANKS!

It is with great sadness I find that the Redondo Fun Factory is closing its doors.
For over a generation, thousands upon thousands of families have found an economical
way to spend the day together. For those that cannot afford Disneyland, a similar experience
can be had for pennies on the dollar.

I wonder what those families, some second and third generation patrons, will do now.

Families, the backbone of America, are coming apart. In these times when most kids have their
eyes on a cell phone at the dinner table, families can share time together at the Redondo Fun
Factory. For our future sake, we need to entice families to share one another in person and
form strong bonds with each other. Family outings do just that and the Redondo Fun Factory
provides an excellent opportunity for them.

The Redondo Fun Factory has always been operated in the spirit of providing families with affordable
entertainment in a clean environment. It makes the pier much more attractive than a simple parking
structure would.

I ask that you take whatever steps are available to you in order to allow the Redondo Fun Factory
to remain in operation for as long as possible.

My Letter to Honorable Mayor and City Council,

As you know I am trying to keep the Fun Factory open for my employees and customers. When the City
bought the remainder of the Fisherman’s Cove lease it was agreed that Fisherman’s Cove would cover
any expenses regarding the eviction of its tenants. This is true. It is also true that, at that
time, the city had a development plan and a developer ready to start construction.

This is not the case now.

There are no development plans, no developer and none in the foreseeable future. There are two good
businesses that were former tenants of Fisherman’s Cove (Redondo Fun Factory and Fun Fish Market &
Restaurant). These businesses can continue under some short term rental agreement. If they are not
allowed to operate, the city will have a vacant 30,000 square foot building, no revenue as rent, lost
parking income and a decrease in customers to the area.

Steve Shoemaker

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Redondo Fun Factory: Largest Indoor Family Entertainment Center on the
West Coast Rides ... Arcade ... Redemption ... Prizes ... Restaurant

Season Hours (Memorial to Labor Day)
Friday - 2 until Midnight
Saturday - 12 Noon until Midnight
Sunday & Holidays- 12 Noon until 10
Weekdays 2 until 10

Off Season Hours (Labor Day to Memorial)
Friday - 6 until Midnight
Saturday - 12 Noon until Midnight
Sunday - 12 Noon until 10
Major Holidays - 12 Noon until Close

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